Bundler / URL management and sharing

Problem Statement

How can we organize, retrieve and share URLs easily and seamlessly?

Research Method

Contextual Inquiry, Activity Network, Lo-fi and Hi-fi mockups


Axure, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap, Python, SQL

Design Process

Design Process

Contextural Inquiry

“I share websites with friends, but I usually paste them in emails. If long, they look ugly.”
“I use bookmark system and Evernote. Remember my favorite webpages. But I hardly revisit, it's messy.”
“There are websites I often check, but they are not at the top in the bookmark folders.”
We find multiple pain points in current use and management of URLs. We decided to prioritize URL shortnening, frequency based display and categorization features for this project.

Activity Network Map

We developed an activity network map. We captured a broad range of activities to deeply understand how people interact with URLs. We identified distinct moments of user experience as follows;

Lofi Mockup

Website Architecture

We set the scope of the project and defined architecture to deliver prioritized features. We used Python Flask, SQLite3, and AJAX to design a dynamic website.

Hifi Mockup

Project Outcome