Papyrusly / Storytelling community development

Problem Statement

How can we create a delightful online social platform for readers and amature writers?

Research Method

Contextual Inquiry, Persona, Flow Model, Scenario, Lo-fi and Hi-fi mockups


OmniGraffle, Pixate, Justinmind

Design Process

Design Process

Contextural Inquiry

“I spend just a few mins to quickly read something when I am bored in the middle of something.”
“There’s so much out there to be read...makes me very selective.”
“One of my friends suggested a book once and I found it very interesting.”
“I see titles. I get attracted to colorful cover art.”
We find behavioral patterns among diverse online readers and decided to design exploration path for readers.


We developed five personas based on findings in contextual inquiry

Flow Model

I developed a flow model for multi-agent storytelling through interactive roll play.


I developed a scenario for story exploration through social network.

Lofi Mockup

Project Outcome