UV Alarm / Sunburn protection application

Problem Statement

How can we intuitively monitor realtime sunburn risk?

Research Method

User Interview, Flow Development, Lo-fi and Hi-fi mockups


Axure, TIZEN SDK, HTML, CSS, Javascript

Design Process

Design Process

User Interview

“I got severe sunburn the other day while watching a game in studium. I was not aware of how strong UV was and wish I applied sunscreen earlier.”
“I got severe sunburn while sleeping on the beach. I didn’t wake up for a while and my skin was all red. It hurt.”
People want to learn invisible sunburn risk, especially when they are out for some activities. We decided to use Samsung Gear S for realtime UV level detection.

Flow chart

I developed a flow chart for interaction loop. Based on this chart, engineers in our team developed a Samsung Gear S application.

Project Outcome